Money Market & Certificate of Deposit Accounts: Beating Inflation

The cost of living is only getting higher and higher each day. Inflation has been a force to be reckoned with over the past year and it continues to put a damper on household budgets. Even though inflation is out of your control, where to invest your money is in your control. Read along to learn more about two relatively low-risk options to invest while combating inflation.

Celebrating Women's History Month with Flipany

City National Bank of Florida believes in the power of women's entrepreneurship. To celebrate Women's History Month, here's a closer look at one local woman's success story.

How to Send Money Safely with Zelle®

Located conveniently in your City National Bank of Florida app, Zelle® enables you to send and receive money with friends and family, wherever they bank in the U.S. Read along for easy tips on how to use Zelle® safely.

What is Treasury Management and How Can My Business Benefit from It?

Managing business financials can be time-consuming and a lot to handle. That is where treasury management comes in. Such services provide structure, solutions and tools to increase efficiency, reduce risk and provide a strategic plan for your business's future. Read along for the basics on treasury management and how it might work for you.
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